Indonesia garden teak furniture manufacture by Piguno

Piguno, Garden teak furniture manufacturers for both classic and contemporary styled that has an excellent reputation with Grade A resources.

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Piguno fully high end outdoor Indonesia garden teak furniture suppliers various indoor outdoor furniture made of teak, at its finest as the line of products focusing on teak furniture to accomplish its main workshop located in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia.


The company making of product with passionately designing and manufacturing a premier luxury garden teak outdoor furniture, one of the leading manufacturers recognizes the influence on the industry.


Piguno - Indonesia garden furniture

Jl. Solo Jogja KM 26, Penggung, Ceper, Klaten, Central Java, indonesia

Phone : +62 272 555 888



Indonesia garden furniture manufacturers provide solid business and wholesale terms of Outdoor furniture and Indoor furnishings located in Klaten, with products shipped worldwide. Indonesia furniture exporter, leading manufacturer of garden teak furniture using only legal resources, crafted from exceptional wood strength and durability.

Fitted and well known starting with a modest and the most elegant at the most competitive price, offers the largest selection as one of the best teak outdoor furniture and indoor  manufacturers in Indonesia which supply and export all needed requirements for domestic and international market.


Garden teak furniture, Wholesale teak garden furniture, Indonesia furniture, Indonesia hospitality furniture projects, Teak furniture Indonesia

Garden teak garden furniture manufacturer, exporter and supppliers for wholesale terms, great value quality especially for teak wood both indoor and outdoor. Professionally presenting wide range of tables, chairs, benches and accessories for indoor and outdoor furnishing spaces. A sturdy construction material which require resistance and crafted built to last. Factory price and custom made requirements available have further expanded what you get at wholesale prices. Various kind of garden teak furniture the highest quality accomplish all requirements needed.


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