Solid teak Garden Furniture by Piguno Indonesia

Piguno solid teak Garden Furniture the magnificent and finest quality special in ultimate complete package sets including tables, benches and chairs sets for all weather set in a stylish and versatile. Solid teak furniture for garden, patio, pool outdoor area and also for indoor usage using reclaimed and sustainable plantation teak, hand selected to make this a great set in any size.

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All teak garden furniture is made from solid sustainable resources with the complete range of grade.


Legally sourced which is ideal wood for outdoor because of its solid texture giving you the best material, presenting wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces. A good investment for many years that create complete furnishing, a luxury hand crafted, durable and complete collections world-class quality wooden products. Legal teak wood made by experienced Indonesia Furniture, beautifully crafted in quality with classic and modern styling techniques available.


Piguno - Indonesia solid teak garden furniture manufacturers

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Solid teak garden furniture in Piguno makes the perfect addition for domestic and wholesale international exporter, after research and flexing sets of environmentally with very solid and dense. All Teak Benches, Tables and Chairs made beautifully to withstand facing all weather conditions. Creating beautiful hand crafted outdoor and patio also offers all weather models, from classic and simple design and also antique, vintage and sophisticated design.

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Piguno solid teak Garden Furniture you can select the perfect outdoor and indoor construction, from the furnishings for inside the house, and outside spring and summer. The perfect match considered the best option for outdoor furniture because duo to its water resistant, insect resistant for all your outdoor needs. The ability to withstand against all weathers attractively provide an elegant products for outdoor living at this establishment.

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