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European people have made the art of wooden  or timber framing for houses, castles or inns hundreds of years ago.  Considered as man’s first primitive structures, it has been evolved over the centuries. In timber frame construction, logs are cut into square pieces which are then used to frame the house. The pieces are joined together with pegged joints for each timber without any building material attached, such as nails, cement, screws or bracketing materials.

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Then the log building houses system or wooden house has been continued to spread to America by the Scandinavians  introduction in the early 1600s. Since then the log and shake method of building a home soon became the standard for housing from the Atlantic to the Pacific until the mid 1800s. And now, log home are another name for vacation home in lake surrounding or in the hills or mountain.
Wooden house building construction is not merely for European or American people, but its existence can be found through out the world. Like in Indonesia, South East Asia, there are kinds of types and size also the functions as well and Indonesia does have the richness of culture such as traditional wooden house. These wooden houses are diverse for its form and function since the kingdom era in 1800s.  From east to west provinces of the archipelago country, wooden house is not hard to be found.


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For deep tradition, the long history of the wooden house evolves the priceless legacy to the generation beside for its sustainability. It also can be an infestation for the next generations since the cost will be higher through time. However, to live close to the nature is something that you could not resist I suppose.

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